Collaborative Events
Echoes enjoys working with others (businesses, organizations, etc) to improve their events by adding the essences of Chicago arts and community. We collaborate with local working, emerging, and outsider artists and musicians. From street festivals to parties, let us know your vision and we can help make it happen.

Local Partnerships
We hope to gain local sponsors to support our organization so that we can further realize our vision, hire a staff, have a permanent location, and raise more awareness and funds for local nonprofits that address issues of social justice.

100% Volunteer
Our events are not possible without our friends and family that volunteer their time to staff our events. We are incredibly grateful that they are willing to spend their time in this way.

Collaborative Live Art
Echoes artists often work together on a single canvas as an additional element to our events. This offers a new perspective to the creative process for the artists, and gives the public an opportunity to see the process of painting; seeing multiple artists is an additional perk. We also invite artists to be individual live artists at our events.


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