About Our Events

Our Events
Echoes of Chicago produces cultural and community fundraising events that typically include musical performances, a visual gallery, performances by poets, dancers, and comedians, as well as interactive activities such as arts & crafts tables, themed photo booths, button making, trivia, and more. Our featured nonprofits also create onsite displays and activations to help educate attendees’ about the work they are doing. Echoes has worked with over 250 local artists, musicians/bands, and has raised funds for over a dozen organizations.

We aim to serve all creative, passionate, and socially aware individuals, young and old. Our events’ artists, musicians and attendees are a diverse group of all ages and backgrounds.

Echoes works with artists, musicians, creatives, entrepreneurs, local businesses, nonprofits and the general public to foster a symbiotic community. Our events provide an environment where participants from various backgrounds and their audiences can cross pollinate, helping our creatives garner new audiences.

One of our goals has been to raise our attendees’ awareness of what needs improvement in Chicago through the participation of our benefiting nonprofits. We provide an affordable philanthropic opportunity to support local organizations by partnering with two local nonprofits to host an information table and receive 100% of the profits. By donating to any element of an Echoes event, one supports local businesses, artists, musicians, and nonprofits.

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