Echoes of Chicago presents: It Takes A Village (Early Bird Session)

It Takes A Village 2013 Facebook Album by Melisa Monreal
It Takes A Village 2013 Facebook Album by Angelo DiNunno
It Takes A Village 2013 Photo Booth Facebook Album by Angelo DiNunno
It Takes A Village 2013 (Early Bird Session) Facebook Event Page

Join us for the daytime portion of Echoes of Chicago’s annual Youth and the Arts themed event: It Takes A Village (Early Bird Session)! Celebrate the connections between the arts, creativity, and youth empowerment. 100% of profits benefit Kuumba Lynx  & Universidad Popular. Donations appreciated.

The beauty of this event will be the intermingling of youth art created over several generations.

The Early Bird Session is catered to youth and their families, but we encourage all to come and support young people using creativity to express themselves! After that, please stick around for the remainder of It Takes A Village during our Evening Session, from 7pm-1am.

Saturday June 22, 2013. 2pm-6pm.
1812 W. Hubbard (use East-most door)

Enjoy: Displayed art, live art, live music, live performances, an arts and crafts table, a free photo booth, face painting, button making, Echoes’ merchandise & hand-painted hats, and more…

Featured non-profits:
Kuumba Lynx (facebook)
Universidad Popular (facebook)

Art Showcase:
Allison Taylor
Andrew Glarner
Annabel Wheeler
April Harrington
Christopher Breiler
Denise Barba
Geovani Galvez
Hans Seaberg
Jess Bryant
Jose Figueroa
Katie Kiehn
Katie M. Puenner
Matthew Szalinski
Nick Podraza
Nina DuBose Carlson
Paul Teodo
Rebecca Israilevich
Sarah Curl-Larson
Scott Holterhaus
Tom Packard
Valerie Gianni

Universidad Popular Art Showcase:
Alejandra Diaz
Diana Franco
Edwin Anastascio
Enrique Ramirez
Gina Giovanni
Giselle Garcia
Jonathan Grimaldo
Jose Granados
Kevin Anastascio
Lisette Santiago
Lucia Sanchez
Michelle Rosette
Raymundo Garcia
Stiven Gonzales
Elizabeth Martinez
Uriel Colula
Josie Castillo
Rocio Montes
Jesus Martinez
Gibby Ortiz

Live Performances:
Kuumba Lynx

Live Music:
Khyaam Haque

Flyers designed by Kasey Amato. Thanks Kasey!

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Echoes of Chicago is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening our community through the arts and innovative networking and cultural events.

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