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Our Mission
A nonprofit whose mission is to create affordable, innovative arts and music events that promote Chicago culture and Community while raising awareness and funds for local nonprofits.

Our Vision
Echoes of Chicago’s vision is to better the City through creative placemaking strategies – by producing arts and music events, supporting the local economic ecosystem, and supporting social justice work through exposure and fundraising – that raise quality of life for a wide spectrum of Chicago’s citizens. Echoes provides a unique experience for these fundraisers by working with incredibly talented yet often underexposed artists.

General Information
By using traditional elements such as music and the arts to build an audience, we reinforce community by supporting local organizations, businesses, artists entrepreneurs, and creatives at each of our events.

echoes is a community centered arts organization that establishes public spaces which strengthen community ties. We highlight some of Chicago’s best qualities through innovative networking and cultural events via local artists, cooperatives, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, creatives, businesses, and otherwise dedicated citizens.

We seek out opportunity to engage Chicago’s communities of expression from theatre, festivals, dance, comedy, and more. We aim to create public spaces that provide opportunities for people who work in all mediums, genres, and scenes to continually raise awareness of Chicago’s eclectic and thriving culture to travelers, locals, and artists alike.

echoes believes that creativity is an essential tool for sustained growth and social consciousness in community and can be used to build a common voice for citizens to address concerns of inequity and injustice. Promoting various ideas, styles, and ideologies offers an opportunity to build an alliance that endorses a more cohesive rendition of what Chicago has to offer and what other people and groups are doing.

We believe this is possible through different types of community involvement at many levels and gatherings; from youth programs, sustainability projects, and urban development, to culture shops, artistic events, and neighborhood barbecues.

echoes seeks out organizations and movements to support through our events and gatherings as well as encourage them to collaborate with us. In this way, community is built with the ability to foster new ideas and goals for the group as well as the individual participants.

Like our slogan states, “When a drop hits, it ripples…” meaning the smallest action can create impact. One of our goals is to offer a supportive and welcoming vibe at all our events that encourages participation and blurs the line between artist and viewer. We all create community and craft the art of citizenship. Make ripples!

Executive Director
Tom Packard

Hans Seaberg
Andrew O’Connor
Sarah Rivard
Andrew Mott
Isaac Israilevich

Andrew Glarner
Andy Mott
Cynthia Canto
Daniel Burnett
Daniel Cook
Honeyleen Hodges
Jake Karasik
Jesse Livingston
Jon Timmins
Marcel Herrera
Maria Gullo
Natalie Acosta
Nathan Singham
Powell Jordano
Robin Seaberg
Scott Holterhaus
Sharon Vinograd

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