The People

Tom Packard, Founder
Executive Director & Creative Director
Born and raised as a Chicagoan/Evanstonian, Tom studied Cultural Studies at Columbia College Chicago for his bachelors and Urban Planning at University of Illinois at Chicago for his masters. Having worked in special events for over 10 years, Tom has been part of some of the largest events Chicago has to offer – as well as some of the smaller community oriented ones. At the age of 19, he encouraged his friends to pool their energy and resources to start, Echoes of Chicago. 15 years later, he still persuades his friends to donate their time to produce positive, quality events, celebrating Chicago culture and the enthusiasm that we can make it better.

Robert Hans Seaberg
Treasurer & Producer
Raised in Evanston, Hans received his BFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. He has worked in various aspects of events, from setting up, to production management, to building high-end event scenery for trade shows. He joined the Echoes team in 2005 and has been an integral part of the operations and creative teams producing Echoes events. He lives in Skevanston with his partner Cheryl with their son Carl. When not working or being a partner and father, Hans enjoys home-improvement projects, carpentry, collecting tools for his workshop, skiing, and having fires in his backyard.

Sarah Rivard
Marketplace Manager & Producer
Sarah grew up in Bourbonnais, IL and received her degree in marketing from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She is part of the Prelude to a Million team, wearing various hats over their ten-yea history. She joined the Echoes team in 2016, bringing her experience of marketing and management, taking on the newer role of managing vendors for the events’ Marketplace. She currently works as a full time nanny and lives on the North Side with boyfriend Ray Johnson.

Andy Mott, Founding Member
Andy was born in Chicago, and has been a proud local for most of his life.  He grew up in the Chicago theatre and performing arts community.  He has worked for nearly 20 years in theatre tech and special events, and for over 8 years in the culinary arts.   He befriended Tom Packard waaaaaaay back in their early teens, but it was a little later (and only slightly wiser), in their early twenties when Tom conceived of the Echoes mission and Andy was immediately on board.  After spending a few years in New Jersey, Andy is happy to be home, and priviledged to be back working with Echoes.       

Andrew O’Connor
Andrew has worked in payment processing for nearly ten years. He is the co-founder and CEO of Team Merchant, a payment processing, technology and consulting company with offices in Chicago and Pittsburgh. Team Merchant is dedicated to empowering merchants through transparency and education. In his spare time he is involved in local activism, politics art and music. He joined the Echoes team in 2014, bringing his sales experience to help Echoes enrich their communications and the reality of the bottom line. He lives in Chicago with his wife Hilary and dog Nola.

Isaac Israilevich

Isaac was raised in Skokie and Evanston and worked as an educator in the Chicago Public Schools after receiving his BA in English and BS in Secondary Education from Loyola University Chicago. He currently serves as a Residential Treatment Specialist at UCAN and is the Director of Volunteers at Chicago Ideas. He joined the Echoes Team as an integral member of what is known as Echoes 2.0. His attention to detail and organizational skills pushed Echoes’ communications and applications processes to a more consistent and smooth level, benefiting the internal team and larger community. When he’s not working, Isaac enjoys working, doing, learning, traveling, outside, and spending time with family and friends.

Robert Johnson
Graphic Designer
Born and raised in Chicago, Ray has been passionate about working with Chicago-based organizations all his life. Whether it’s designing artwork for local non-profits or collaborating on an art project with Chicago Ideas Week, he has always wanted to have the opportunity to use art to showcase a happier, enthusiastic side of Chicago. He is an active CG freelance artist that has collaborated with various clients on Graphic Design and 3D Design projects. He prices himself as being a person that seeks to improve his skills, through critique and collaboration, and is motivated when surrounded by others who want to improve as well. 

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