Call For Participants: Artists, Musicians, and Vendors

We have a few Calls-for-Participation for events through June 2nd:

Happy Birthday Chicago on April 7th at Hairpin Arts Center
Along with arts and music, Echoes celebrates Chicago’s cultural roots of influential achievements in social justice work. Echoes produces themed events that connect to areas of social justice work, inviting local nonprofits to host informational tables and receive 100% of each event’s profits. Happy Birthday Chicago is Echoes’ annual fundraiser to support and expand our impact.

Artist Theme
We are looking for works of all mediums that fits the theme of “Chicago,” in all its interpretations. That includes anything from iconic Chicago images to pieces inspired by a connection to Chicago. The beauty of this show will be that it’s a snapshot of Chicago from the viewpoint of numerous artists.

A City Divided on June 2nd at Hairpin Arts Center
Nationally we continue to fall victim to tragedies that our corrupt leadership will not take steps to address. In Chicago, gun violence has been consistent in the narrative of our history and present day reality. When is enough, enough? When will our leaders be held accountable to keep our citizens safe? We get wrapped-up in political labels and defining their lines. Blame is often placed on those who are marginalized, and the harsh realities that have become the status quo in the United States are being ignored.

Artist Theme
For this event we ask artists to share artwork that represents their response to gun violence and what they think might prevent gun violence in the future.

Pictures & Selfies: Collaboration with Chicago Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra on May 20th

Working with the Chicago Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, we are collaborating on an exciting project: to curate a series of work inspired by music which was inspired by artwork.

In the 1870s, composer Modest Mussorgsky attended memorial exhibition of his friend, Artist and Architect, Viktor Hartmann. This moved him to write a piece of music inspired by the experience but specifically mused by 10 pieces of artwork.

The reception space of the music hall will have replicas of the original pieces of artwork next to the contemporary pieces of work to get a feel for the process. The Chicago Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra will then have a concert which finishes with the work Pictures at an Exhibition composed by Modest Mussorgsky.

We challenge our artists to…

  • listen to the music composition in its entirety
    • if you don’t have time, listen to pieces of the work
  • choose a movement that moves you and apply to “claim it”
    • One Artist per movement until all are “taken”
      • First Come, First Serve
    • We will respond as soon as possible to confirm your designated movement
  • once confirmed, submit a piece of artwork inspired by the movement without researching the original piece of artwork (which only some of the artwork survives today)


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